Emerson’s Train

The train still stops in Emerson – for lunch.

Like many small towns, Emerson has a set of railroad tracks traversing through it.

Once a day, six days a week, the Louisiana & Northwest train passes through town. One day it goes north. The next day it goes south.

For years, there was a train station where goods were off-loaded. No longer. It was torn down many years ago.

But that hasn’t prevented the train from stopping in Emerson. Now-a-days it’s the train’s crew taking on cargo. Often, they stop the train in Emerson to take on … lunch.

Once the train approaches town and glides to a squeally stop, three crewmen leave the engine idling while they disembark, meander through a field, then arrive at one of three local establishments that serve lunch (often called “dinner” around these parts).

If you’re in Emerson around noontime, listen for the train’s whistle. Watch to see which eatery the crew ambles. Stop by and say hello, or join them for lunch.

It’s really sort of neat.

The crew of the train
(left to right)
Engineer Don King,
Brakeman Paul Hathaway,
and Brakeman Ronnie Liles
break for lunch at the
Emerson Food Mart.

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