PurpleHull Pea Seed

Dry purplehull pea seed. A quarter
adds size perspective.

Every once in a while, we get an email or phone call that goes something like this: “Where can I get me some of that there seed?”

In this area, purplehull pea seed is a common item at almost any farm supply and seed store. But we realize not everyone is so fortunate to live in an area where pea seed is in such abundant supply.

A search of the Internet has yielded a number of online sources of purplehull pea seed. (By the way, look in most seed catalogs, and “purplehull” is spelled as two words, “purple hull.” Some folks just don’t know how to spell.)

If you’re interesting in growing some of these wonderful peas yourself, you can go to the Web sites of the seed companies listed below and do a search for “purplehull” or “purple hull” or “pinkeye” (purplehull peas are often referred to as “pinkeye purplehull peas” because many – but certainly not all – have pink eyes). The most common variety grown in the Emerson area is probably the Pinkeye Purplehull BVR (Bacteria Virus Resistant), which is one of the varieties sold by Victory Seeds, whose Web site is the first of those listed below. If there is menu of vegetables to search, look for a listing of “southern peas,” as purplehulls are a member of the southern pea family. Another common name for southern peas is “cow peas” or “cowpeas.”







Now, we don’t claim to have done an exhaustive search of the Internet to find sources of purplehull peas. If anyone out there finds another source, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Thanks, and our best wishes to you for a wonderful crop!

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