Emerson Purple Hull Pea Promotion Board:
‘Market Those Peas!’

Ruth Brewster of Lake Sue Nursery & Farm Supply and Emerson Purple Hull Pea Promotion Board Executive Director Tommy Butler
with donated seed.

The Emerson area is truly blessed. Our sandy, loamy soil is ideal for growing purple hull peas. As a result, purple hulls grown here are the most delicious found anywhere. It’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why they’re so popular here.

In an effort to share our bounty, the Emerson Purple Hull Pea Promotion Board has been formed to encourage and assist growers in our area, and develop markets for Emerson Purple Hulls.

To be eligible to carry the designation “Emerson Purple Hull Peas,” they must be grown within the 199 square mile area defined by the former Emerson School District.

If you’re interested in a source of Emerson Purple Hulls, contact Bill Dailey at (501) 416-4657 or email [email protected].

The Emerson Purple Hull Promotion Board would like to express our extreme gratitude to Lake Sue Nursery & Farm Supply of Magnolia, Arkansas, Bunch Wholesale, Inc. (BWI) of Texarkana, Texas, and C.T. Smith Seeds of Pleasanton, Texas, for their wonderful assistance in getting our efforts underway. Thanks to their kind donations of seed, we have been able to encourage more growers to begin growing Emerson Purple Hulls. Lake Sue Nursery has a long history of supporting us – they are also the sponsors of the World Cup PurpleHull Pea Shelling Competition.

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