Nutritious Emerson
Purple Hull Peas
the Skinny on Our Peas

A bowl of nutritious Emerson Purple Hull Peas – a great source of fiber and folate – seen here at the festival’s “Great PurpleHull Peas & Cornbread Cook Off. “

We occasionally get inquiries about the nutritional value of purple hull peas.

Turns out, not only are they great tastin’, they’re great for you, too.

Need proof? The University of Arkansas Department of Horticulture is one of the world’s premiere centers for developing new varieties of peas. Here’s an excerpt from one of their 2003 news releases:

“Nutritionally, southern peas {the purple hull pea is a member of the southern pea family} are a good source of protein and one of the best sources of dietary fiber available. They are also very high in folate, a form of B vitamin that is important in the prevention of anemia, cancer and birth defects. In fact, orange juice, which is often advertised as a good source of folate, has only about 10 percent of the amount found in a serving of southern peas.”

So, that’s a pretty good endorsement.

But if you’re an overly eager nutritionist, and want to know all the nutritional nitty-gritty details (like how much phenylalanine is in purple hull peas), go to our page that lists the USDA nutritional information.

It’s all there.

Makes for some good late night reading.

By the way, if any comes up with a Purple Hull Pea Diet, please let us know.

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