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The PurpleHull Pea Festival & World Championship Rotary Tiller Race strives to assist the media in every way possible.

Whether you’re interested in an interview, photos, news releases, or just general information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our media contact person is:

DeeAnne Meyer Festival Chairman

Email: [email protected]

We’re always happy to give interviews, whether for radio, television, or print. Just phone the contact person listed above, and she can provide an interview herself, or set up an interview with a festival participant such as a tiller racer or former World Cup PurpleHull Pea Shelling champion.

Below is a link to our news releases. Also below is a link to various high resolution photos – including an excellent photo of the tiller race – suitable for print in most newspapers or magazines. Please feel free to use any or all material. Since we are always interested in who is picking up the story, we only ask that you send us a short email to [email protected] and let us know that you are covering the festival and/or tiller race in some fashion.

Finally, if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve this page or our assistance to you, please let us know. Thanks!

KATV, Channel 7,brings its satellite truck down from Little Rock and broadcasts live from the festival

Photo Gallery


PurpleHull Pea Festival
& World Championship Rotary Tiller Race

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