The 2020 PurpleHull Pea Festival ‘Pea-tacular’ Fireworks Show

A scene from the very first PurpleHull Pea Festival ‘Pea-tacular’ Fireworks Show in 2005. The PeaFest 2020 fireworks show will be Friday, June 26, at 9:00 p.m., or shortly thereafter.

In 2005, we decided to celebrate Emerson’s centennial with the town’s first-ever professional fireworks show.

Boy was it good. What we saw was Columbia County’s best fireworks show ever.

It went so well that we asked ourselves, “Why don’t we do this again?”

So we did. So we kept doing it. And we’re doing it again for PeaFest2020 2020.

Be in Emerson the evening of Friday June 26, for this year’s ‘Pea-tacular’ Fireworks Show.

The show will begin about 9:00 p.m., or shortly thereafter.

But come at least a little sooner – the Pea Stompin’ Street Dance will begin at 8:00 p.m.

The band will take an intermission break for the fireworks show, then resume after it’s over.

So it’s a two-for-one event. A great fireworks show, and a great band. And no charge to attend.

So stick around after the show to enjoy what the festival has to offer. And be sure and visit our special Food and Arts & Crafts vendors.

It’s a great show!

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PurpleHull Pea Festival
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