Dominique Niessen

Europe’s Top Female Tiller
Racer – Makes Appearance
at PurpleHull Pea Festival

European female
tiller racing champ
Dominique Niessen
of Holland, above,
just tilling around
the Arkansas State
Capitol in 1995.

From the very beginning, the garden tiller race at the PurpleHull Pea Festival was referred to as the “World” Championship Rotary Tiller Race.

Only one problem.

All the racers had been from the U.S.A.

That changed in 1995 when Europe’s top female tiller racer, Dominique Niessen of Holland, made the trek to Emerson’s PurpleHull Pea Festival to compete in the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race.

OK … so she was Europe’s only female tiller racer. Still, the title of European champ was very appropriate.

Dominique wowed the media with her poise and confident accent. She showed up in television station interviews, and appeared on the front page of local newspapers.

She was, in short, a tiller racing promoter’s dream.

Dominique is back in Holland now, and doing well. We still hear from her occasionally.

We will always be thankful to the young blond girl from the Netherlands who made the ’95 World Championship Rotary Tiller Race something special – truly a “world” championship.

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PurpleHull Pea Festival
& World Championship Rotary Tiller Race

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