Emerson's sole skyscraper.
No, this is not a clue.



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The 2016 Peoples Bank
PurpleHull Pea Festival Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the 2016 Peoples Bank PurpleHull Pea Festival Treasure Hunt!

The finder wins $250 courtesy of Peoples Bank.

Here's the up-to-date list of clues:


Monday's Clue:

The Peoples Bank treasure is out to be found;
Find it and you will be crowned.
On public property is where it will be;
Following the clues is key.
You will not have to search high.
You will not have to search low.
Just get on your mark.
Get set.
Ready? Let's go.

Tuesday's Clue:

What am I looking for?  One may ask.
The treasure is not exactly the same as in the past.
If you get to the crossroads of CMC;
Come back to where they honor peas.
You will know it when you find it, is what they always say.
Itís not in the dirt but resembles clay

Wednesday's Clue:.

Julia, Mary Jo, Charlene and Suzanne
are all southern beauties of Designing Women.
Their real names though always escape me:
Annie, Jean, Delta, and __________.

Thursday's Clue"

Taking the path of restriction,
could lead to a judgment of conviction.
An extra minute is all it takes
to go the long way around for goodness sakes.

Friday's Clue:

The American Flag in all its glory;
it has a wonderful story.
Though I stand crooked for all to see;
I get to stare at that beautiful flag that means so much to me.


Again, our thanks to our wonderful fr
iends at Peoples Bank:


Generally the clues can be found on the festival's Facebook page before on this page.

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