Freshly shelled purplehull
peas - on their way to
becoming a "mess of peas"
on somebody's dining table.

PurpleHull Reci-peas

We thought we'd pass along some recipes which make use of those blessed lentils we honor each year in Emerson.

Click on any recipe below, and a page with a printable version of the recipe will appear.  Some of the recipes are simple and straightforward.  Others are a little more highfalutin.  

Try a few.  And get ready to enjoy some good eatin'.

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First, here's some of the winning recipes from 2009 Great PurpleHull Peas & Cornbread Cook Off:

2009 Best Original Recipe, 1st Place
   Purple Hull Peas & Rice Casserole
   by Linda Miller

2009 Best Original Recipe, 2nd Place
    PurpleHull Pea Chili by Carolyn Campbell

Below are four of the winning recipes from the 2007 cook off:

PurpleHull Peas - 1st Place, Christine Snider
Cornbread - 1st Place, Brenda Samples
PurpleHull Pea Salsa - 1st Place, Carolyn Campbell
Best Original Pea Recipe - 1st Place Christine

Heart Healthy PurpleHull Peas (Recipe Ver.No. 1)
PurpleHull Peas (Recipe Version Number 2)
PurpleHull Peas (Recipe Version Number 3)
PurpleHull Peas (Recipe Version Number 4)
PurpleHull Peas (Recipe Version Number 5)
Marinated PurpleHull Peas
PurpleHull Peas Creole
PurpleHull Pea Dip
Cornbread Salad with PurpleHull Peas
   (Winner 2003 "Best Original Recipe" at the
    Great PurpleHull Peas & Cornbread Cook Off)
PurpleHull Pea Cornbread
PurpleHull Peas with Mushrooms
PurpleHull Pea Fritters
PurpleHull Peas with Pancetta & Onions

PurpleHull Pea Salad
Island PurpleHull Peas
PurpleHull Peas Thermidor
PurpleHull Pea Jelly
PurpleHull Pea Soup

Even television chef Emeril has a recipe using PurpleHull Peas on his Web site.  Here's the link:

Emeril's PurpleHull Pea Recipe

PurpleHull Peas & Pasta?  Here a link to two excellent recipes from the Spinach Tiger blog.

Got a recipe of your own that uses PurpleHull Peas and would like to share it?  Send it along to and we'll consider it for publication on this page.

Ever wondered about the nutritional value of purple hull peas?  Go to our purple hull pea nutrition page.


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