Intense concentration
is evident on the faces of
the athletes during the
World Cup PurpleHull Pea
Shelling Competition.


The World Cup PurpleHull Pea Shelling Competition

Purple thumbs.  Aching, tender thumbnails.  All are characteristics shared by those brave individuals willing to go up on stage, put pan in lap, and strive to prove to the world they are the fastest PurpleHull Pea Sheller on earth.

The event, sponsored by Lake Sue Nursery & Farm Supply, has always featured fierce competition.  But now that the festival is entering its 27th year, rivalries have emerged.

Molene Bailey.  Doeleta Weaver.  Julia Easter.  Janet Pitts, Marla Hanson.  Etch those names into your memory.  They're inevitably destined for the PurpleHull Pea Shelling Hall of Fame.  In the last few years, they've pretty much taken turns winning the title.

During competition, the tension is palpable. World Cup Master of Ceremonies Selena Blair keeps the contestants and audience apprised of their progress.  The audience collectively seems to hold its breath until one person is declared the victor.

If you think you can take them on, it's simple to enter the competition.  Just show up.  We supply the peas.

If you're not planning to participate, attend anyway and cheer your favorite purplehull pea-shelling athlete on to victory.

Shelling time will be Saturday, June 25 at 11:15 a.m.  The World Cup Competition is held in the Emerson School Cafetorium, which is the red brick building on the southwest side of the festival grounds.


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