Looking for help wherever it's available, the PurpleHull Pea Festival held its first annual "Blessing of the Emerson Purple Hull Pea Crop" June 6 at the Bend in the Road Farm, 10 miles west of Emerson.  The Rev. Dr. Joyce Wilkinson of St. James Episcopal Church in Magnolia led the service.


Emerson Purple Hull Pea Crop Report - June 14


Most of the 2004 Emerson Purple Hull Pea crop is looking quite good according to Emerson Purple Hull Pea Promotion Board Executive Director Tommy Butler.

"The weather has been generally favorable lately," said Butler.  "For a while the rain was on the excessive side, but at the moment the fields are about right."

Butler also noted that many pea patches have blooms and small peas.  "It takes about two weeks to go from bloom to ripe pea.  Just two weeks - isn't nature amazing?  Deer and weather permitting, several growers should have ripe peas by festival time."

For the past several years, Emerson Purple Hull Pea growers have made an effort to plant earlier in order to have a larger supply of peas available for sale at the Emerson PurpleHull Pea Festival.  The 2004 festival will be June 25 and 26.


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