The PurpleHull Pea Amateur Radio Club's callsign is, appropriately, K5PEA.

Pea-Fest Ham Radio
Operators Crucial for Successful Festival

There are many out-of-the-ordinary, quirky things about our festival.  One that we noticed early on was the unusually large number of amateur or "ham" radio operators who were contributing their time and effort to make the festival possible.

In 2004, we weren't at all surprised to learn these hams had gone a step further and formed the PurpleHull Pea Amateur Radio Club.  Shortly thereafter, the FCC granted the club the highly appropriate callsign, K5PEA.

Just what do these ham radio operators do?

In addition to the typical ham-related assistance, the festival's official photographer and official meteorologist are hams.

Two former Commissioners of Tiller Racing are hams.

The former Master of Ceremony for the World Cup PurpleHull Pea Shelling Competition is a ham.

The chairman of the festival's "Million Tiller Parade" is a ham.  (He is also the mayor of Emerson, and his wife - a former festival chairman - and four daughters are licensed as well.)

The "Pea-R Guy" (the publicity chairman) is a ham.

The fellow who does a tremendous amount of footwork for the festival is a ham.

Some who provide security assistance during the festival are also licensed ham radio operators.

If you're interested in getting your amateur radio operator's license, visit the Web site of the ARRL - the Amateur Radio Relay League.

Or you can contact the club at the address below:

PurpleHull Pea Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 273
Emerson, AR  71740  USA

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