Another Attraction -
The Tiller Girls
One of the many great things about the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race is the fact there's no admission charge.

Instead, we've come up with something considerably better.

 During the race, a team of Tiller Girls roams the crowd.  They're there for two reasons.  First, for visual stimulation.  Second, to take up donations.

 The Tiller Girl who collects the largest total amount of donations earns points toward winning the title of Tiller Goddess.

The Tiller Girls are also judged on their parade float in the Million Tiller Parade, and "Tiller Personality."

So while you're at the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race, vote for your favorite Tiller Girl by passing her a dollar ... or two ... or more.

And it's perfectly OK to vote for more than one girl.  We don't mind at all.  Vote for all four, if you like.

It all goes toward the festival's mission - to purchase property upon which to build a park in Emerson.

So ... enjoy yourself while at the PurpleHull Pea Festival.

Enjoy the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race.

And enjoy the Tiller Girls.


The 2005 Tiller Girls: (l. to r.) Tarrasa Savoie, Victoria Baxley, Tabatha Savoie, 2004 Tiller Goddess Ashley Nipper, 2005 Tiller Goddess Amanda Watson, Christina Hughes.

Tiller Girls Photo Album Page 1
Tiller Girls Photo Album Page 2


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