July 5, 2001
For Immediate Release
Contact person:  Bill Dailey (501) 315-7373
Email: purplehull@juno.com
Web site: www.purplehull.com

Results of the PurpleHull Pea Festival's Kids Bike Race
Sponsored by our good friends at J & J DRIVE IN :

    Ages 2-4: First Place: Colton Waller.  Second Place: Sydney Mosley

   Ages 5-6: First Place: (tie) LeAnn Cochran and Brandon Carrington.  Second Place: (tie) Matt Johnson and Megan McMahen.  Third Place: Wyatt Henderson.

   Ages 7-9:  First Place: Mallory Waller.  Second Place: Dustin Morris.  Third Place: Tyler Wyrick.

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