Getting Here

Don't worry.  It's not tough to get here.

Emerson is located on U.S. Hwy 79, just 6 miles north of the state line with Louisiana.

We're about 12 miles north of Haynesville, Louisiana.

We're also about 12 miles south of Magnolia, Arkansas.

If you're coming to Emerson on U.S. Hwy 79, turn west on Arkansas Hwy 98.  This intersection is in downtown Emerson.  (Yep, that's downtown.)

Go over the railroad tracks, then maybe an additional 200 yards, and you'll see the festival off to your right, on the grounds of Emerson High School.

If you'd like additional instructions, and ideas as to just how far you'll have to go, try the MapQuest Web site.  Go to the "Driving Directions" page, fill in your starting and ending point (Emerson, Arkansas), and it will usually give you excellent results.

If you're using a GPS system in your vehicle, here is the latitude and longitude for the festival:

Latitude: 33.09776 N
Longitude: 93.19744 W

If your GPS needs an address, here is the address of the Emerson High School:

212 Grayson Street
Emerson, AR 71740

If you're interested in a place to stay, check out our Lodging page.

See you there!

The star marks the
location of Emerson,
and the PurpleHull Pea
Lat: 33.09776 N
Long: 93.19744 W



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