Glen Eades - He Had an Idea

Everything starts with an idea.  It was no different for the PurpleHull Pea Festival.

The festival owes its existence to one person, Glen Eades, who, in 1990, had an idea for a festival that would pay homage to the delicacy grown in almost all local backyard gardens of the area, the purple hull pea.

It was also Glen who thought it'd be a good idea to have a race of a particular garden implement - and thus the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race was born.

During the time he was proposing that Emerson host a festival, Glen was also writing a bi-weekly column for the newspaper in Magnolia, the Banner News.  Most citizen-reporters from around Columbia County would write about who-visited-who in the hospital, or who had the local pastor over for Sunday dinner.  Finding such run-of-the-mill news from the local populace not easily forthcoming, Glen came up with a solution:  He made stuff up.

Glen created two fictional characters, Billy Joe and Bubba Earl.  He wrote about their exploits as they interacted with real people in the community.  Occasionally, he'd throw in one other character, Bubba Earl's mother, the itinerant medical practitioner Earlie Pearl.

 The result was a level of hilarity rarely seen in print in our parts.

We thought we'd share some of Glen's early writings with you.  The links below will direct you to some of Glen's more entertaining columns from 1990 and 1991.  The titles for each article aren't Glen's - we added titles to help you remember which article was printed on which date.  Enjoy.

March 2, 1990 - Gold Digging Magnolia Females
June 16, 1990 - Bubba Earl's Job Search
June 28, 1990 - Bubba Earl Considers a Move to Emerson
July 12, 1990 - Bubba Earl Buys a Vehicle & Loses in Love
August 3, 1990 - The Utility Man Stops By
August 17, 1990 - Dr. Earlie Pearl Treats the 'Firetods'
September 21, 1990 - Bubba Earl has Mercy on Larry
October 5, 1990 - Earlie Pearl Gets Stiffed by a Patient
November 8, 1990 - Bubba Earl & the Texas Beauty Queen
December 7, 1990 - Bubba Earl is Missing
December 21, 1990 - The Emir Visits Brister
Christmas Time 1991 - 'A Brister Christmas'


Glen Eades,
the father of the
PurpleHull Pea Festival &
World Championship
Rotary Tiller Race.
Sadly, Glen passed away November 8, 2006.
Here is our
Memorial Page
for Glen.

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