Deer Control in the Pea Patch

There have been various methods created to keep deer out of the purple hull pea patch.  Some work to a degree.  Some don't.  Some work but drive the neighbors crazy.

Here's a method of installing an electric fence that proved extremely effective for Vernon Dailey during the years he was growing peas. Before retiring, he used this arrangement for over 10 years with only a handful of "break-ins."  The Emerson Purple Hull Pea Promotion Board thought it worth passing along.

The electric fence consists of essentially of two fences - one within the other.  One wire fence totally encloses the patch, with the wire at a height of 36 inches.  Then a second fence is constructed totally around the first fence, 36 inches outward from the patch.  The wire on this fence is 30 inches in height.

Though this requires twice the wire as that of a one wire fence, the effectiveness of this method makes it well worth the effort and cost.

Of course, this two-wire arrangement can be connected to the same electric fence charger, therefore only one charger is needed.

It's a simple arrangement.  Why it works is unknown.  Perhaps the deer perceive the fence as a barrier of ever increasing height that they cannot breach.  But that's speculation.  The important thing is that is seems to work.

In addition, here's a link to a rather unique, but simple, design of deer fence at the Virginia Tech Web site.


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